• arrow rightGlobalization For Business & Lawyers: Regulatory And Reputation Risks In A Nationalistic Global Marketplace
  • arrow rightE-Commerce: Tips For Indian Businesses To Get The E-Commerce Edge And Manage Regulation
  • arrow rightInternational Global Trade – Is There Life In Trade Agreements Like The TPP, Who Do They Benefit Or Is It Every Country For Themselves?
  • arrow rightAnti-Corruption And Money-Laundering Risks: A Regional Enforcement Update For India-Focused Businesses
  • arrow rightIndia’s Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code: Its Impact On Business Risks And Opportunities?
  • arrow rightPersonal Data Protection, The EU GDPR And Privacy Rights: A Review Of State And Personal Rights In India
  • arrow rightCriminal Liability For Companies And Individuals: The Impact Of The Prevention Of Corruption Amendment) Act 2018 On Ethics And Compliance
  • arrow rightGovernance In The Financial Sector: A Case Study Examining The Kingfisher Airlines And ICICI Cases – Whose Rights Are Being Regulated And Protected?
  • arrow rightCryptocurrencies, Blockchain And Smart Contracts: The New Financial Contracting Model Or A Risky Path For Hiding Your Suspicious Transactions?
  • arrow rightArbitration For Indian Businesses: A Review Of The Latest Legal Reforms And How To Manage Allegations Of Criminal Conduct Made In Arbitrations
  • arrow rightDigital Health & Pharma: Latest Sector Developments For Businesses
  • arrow rightEmployee Rights In Turbulent Times: Do Companies Value Whistleblowers?
  • arrow rightCorporate Counsel: On Course Or New Challenges To 2020
  • arrow rightGeneral Counsel: Hot Topics And Managing Corporate And Individual Risks
  • arrow rightForeign Investment: Is India Open For Business?
  • arrow rightThe Regulation Of Ethics And Culture: Reputational Risks For Businesses
  • arrow rightCorporate Investigations: The New Paradigm - A Case Study On The Role Of Human And Artificial Intelligence
  • arrow rightMarket Power And Competition: The Risks Of Dominance And The Rights For Smaller Businesses Squeezed By Dominant Players
  • arrow rightValuing The Environment: The Regulation Of Corporate Development In India
  • arrow rightArtificial Intelligence For Businesses And Lawyers: The Benefits, Risks And Impacts On M&A Deals
  • arrow rightCase Study - Cross-Border Investigations And Prosecutions: How To Navigate A Criminal Minefield?
  • arrow rightBusiness, Human Rights And Slavery: How To Manage Social Issues
  • arrow rightMergers And Acquisitions In Asia: A Mini Global Arena?
  • arrow rightThe #MeToo Movement: Risks For Businesses And How To Respond
  • arrow rightTax Havens: Can They Survive And Are They Good For Businesses?
  • arrow rightThe Role Of Lawyers As Intermediaries: Obligations And Social Responsibilities

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