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P P Chaudhary“It is my honor to speak to you today at the GENNEXT Business and Law Congress 2018. This indeed is an august gathering, as I look around me; I see leaders from the legal profession in all its avatars. From distinguished Judges and former Judges to Senior Advocates to Managing Partners of leading Law Firms, Eminent Senior Counsel, General Counsel of Leading Companies, Academics and our future crop of leaders who constitute a world-class pool of talent that is posed to lead the legal profession in India in the not-too-distant future.”

P P Chaudhary

Minister of State, Corporate Affairs and Law & Justice


Justice-Dipak-MisraI may, with all the humility at my command, posit that there are three categories of people; some want to change everything, some intend to sustain and fight for their status quoist attitude, and the third, through interpretative process of life and law, follow the path of balance which leads to progressive thought in consonance with the ripples of the present time and may be affirmatively tilting ahead of time. I put myself in the last compartment and I am thankful to the Legal Era for appreciating the same. I must also unhesitatingly appreciate the efforts and endeavour of the Legal Era team in adeptly organizing the Award Ceremony.

Justice Dipak Misra

Former Chief Justice of India


Justice-Anoop-Mohta“Freedom of Media is important – so important is the legal fraternity in this world of conflicts. ‘Legal Era’ has been encouraging and recognizing the good works of the legal fraternity since long, which otherwise, remain in the private domain of respective arena. Congratulations to the founder - Aakriti and Vishal and whole team of Legal Era for bringing up such insightful concepts [GENNEXT and women awards] in this competitive era. All the best”

Justice Anoop Mohta

Judge, Bombay High Court


amarjit-singh-chandhiok“The event was a well-planned and executed one. The topics were given scholarly treatment and all the presentations were of good quality. The award function was extremely nice and the awards were given to highly deserving people. Recognition to them is certainly an encouraging step in knowledge-sharing”

Amarjit Singh Chandhiok

President, Insol India


Justice Hans-Joachim EckertThank you very much for the invitation to the Congress. It was a great pleasure to be there and I got a very good impression of the Indian legal system. Thank you again for all you did in organizing this really good conference

Justice Hans-Joachim Eckert

Former Judge, Regional Court Munich, Germany


G.R. RaghavenderThe GENNEXT CONGRESS organized by Legal Era was very relevant because of the topics chosen. The law and economics debate was inextricably linked to all commercial disputes, IPR laws, business laws, etc. It was great listening to panelists the likes of Justice A.K. Sikri, Judge, Supreme Court of India; and Dr. T. K. Viswanathan, Chairman, Bankruptcy Law Reforms Committee, among others. Similarly, the session on ease of doing business in Africa spoke about how Nigeria is leading the way and what steps it is taking. Also, the litigation versus arbitration session had all the big guys. This was very topical in light of the amendment of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act. I congratulate Legal Era. I wish you all the very best in future.

G.R. Raghavender

Joint Secretary - Department Of Justice, Ministry Of Law & Justice


Anand DesaiThank you so much. You have created a fabulous property in LegalEra. Your initiative, drive and commitment in all that you do are indeed admirable. I find that you invariably put in tremendous thought and planning in all your endeavours, which is commendable. You have become well-known and respected not just in India but across several countries, which is not common for an Indian entrepreneur, particularly in a very niche business segment. You have also developed the art of making Indian lawyers feel proud of themselves, and your awards event has become an occasion for the legal community to look forward to each year. Your events are also a way for well-known members of the Indian legal community to come together and discuss relevant issues. It has been a delight to have known you and collaborated with you since the early days of your business endeavours, and I wish you much success and satisfaction going forward.

Anand Desai

Managing Partner, DSK Legal


Anand-VardhanFirstly, congratulations to Legal Era for successfully organising the ‘9th Annual GENNEXT BUSINESS & LAW CONGRESS 2020’. I also want to thank the Legal Era team for providing me with the opportunity, to participate on an important, but an underappreciated topic pertaining to ethical obligations and role of in-house counsels. In-house counsel’s roles are expanding, especially in today’s macro-economic environment, where businesses are being scrutinised for their ethical and corporate governance framework. A General Counsel’s role therefore becomes critical, as he/she is acting as a custodian of the organisation in managing diverse business interests, while at the same time suitably address any regulatory/ethical concerns
Ethical Obligations – The Challenge Of Wearing Many Hats As An In-House Lawyer - ETHICAL DECISION-MAKING: THE CONSCIENCE OF A COMPANY

Anand Vardhan

President Legal, Piramal Capital & Housing Finance


Anubhav KapoorI gave very positive Feedback. The panel topic was well researched and right talent and industry representation was on the panel.

Anubhav Kapoor

Group Vice President - Legal & Group Company Secretary, Cummins India Limited


Atul JuvleIt was an insightful experience to participate and attend GENNEXT-2020. The facilities were best. The topics were relevant and dealt by experiences speakers drawn on all across industry. Thanks to LEGAL Era Magazine, Aakriti & team.

Atul Juvle

General Counsel, Compliance officer & CS- India & South Asia, Schindler India Private Limited


Badrinath Durvasula"GENNEXT 2020 is a powerful tool to the legal fraternity on two counts: a knowledge disseminator and a networking enabler!! The current event by Legal era is unique to achieve both the objectives with care and precision. While the content is apt to the current legal context, the teaming up is quite impressive. We all felt a step closer to understand each other"

Badrinath Durvasula

Sr. Vice President& Head Legal; Essar Capital


UnknownLegal Era Magazine over a period of time has become a synonymous with credibility and reliability. The magazine brought out by Legal Era, each month, is a great source of knowledge, information, and most importantly, connects with fellow professionals from the legal fraternity. The interviews of legal luminaries published in the magazine are a wonderful source of encouragement, learning and enlightenment. Thank you Legal Era, for your incredible efforts. I am sure Legal Era, would continue to grow in the years to come

Dipalok Choudhary

Senior Legal Counsel and Compliance Lead - Global, Tata Chemicals


Divya-KumatThe Legal Era event “GENEXT Business & Law Congress 2020” was very well planned and superbly executed. My heartiest congratulations to the Legal Era Team for making this event a professionally enriching one for all those who participated and attended. It is indeed a proud moment to be a part of this event. The entire legal fraternity is benefited from this august event and also by the enriching content and professionally relevant topics of the LegalEra Magazine. Kudos to Ms. AakritiRaizada for leading this event and for leading the LegalEra Magazine. Use of Technology in Genext Organisation. How to mitigate risk and develop a successful compliance system? It was a pleasure moderating this panel discussion, which brought together experienced experts who shared their real time stories on how it is important to have a strong compliance system in this technologically advanced era. The discussion became interactive later and the participants got a good insight into challenges which the legal heads face in bridging the gaps between the real world and the virtual world.
A big thank you to the entire LegalEra Team.
Use of Technology in GENNEXT organisation. How do you Mitigate Risk & How to develop a successful compliance system

Divya Kumat

Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer & Company Secretary, Datamatics


UnknownThe content of the magazine is just apt for law students, making it a wonderful read. It has meaningful and engaging articles for lawyers, teachers, professionals as well as students. Keep up the good work

Dr Ritu Gupta



Dr-Akhil-Prasad"GCs have come a long way in being Strategists to the Board of Directors and senior management, by demonstrating a sound business judgement and a "can do" approach.
GCs should manage business risks with an "Eagle's Eye", like a stakeholder risk "management", making organizations resilient and sustainable.
In today's business world, a GC in a team is expected to be a middle order batsman, who can hit quick runs, be able to bowl in the middle overs, and act as an umpire, should business shout "How’s That" for GC to decide OR the game goes unethical. A tough job for the GC but that is the expectation."

Dr. Akhil Prasad

Director, Country Counsel India and Company Secretary, Boeing


UnknownLegal Era Magazine is the intelligent lawyer’s ‘go to’ publication. It is contemporary, incisive and unbiased. It has done more for Indian legal jurisprudence and the legal fraternity than all other legal magazines put together! Keep up the good work!

Dr. Rohinton Mehta

Sr. Associate General Counsel, ITC Ltd.


Dr-Sanjeev-Gemavat“GENNEXT 2020 organised by Legal Era was a great forum for GCs to learn, network and evolve in their roles. The virtuosity of Legal Era to identity apt topics for deliberation is commendable. Moderating a session where discussion encompasses implications of the ‘new’ normal and solutions to new problems that arise as the scenario continues to change was indeed challenging and enriching. Best Wishes Legal Era for your continual contribution to legal profession.”

Dr. Sanjeev Gemavat

Executive Director of Group & Company Secretary, Dalmia Bharat


Vivek-Mittal“Flawlessly executed event, penal of extreme repute with excellent domain knowledge, current and burning topics, and crisp discussion on panel.

Dr. Vivek Mittal

Regional Counsel - METAI Region Diagnostics Platform; Danaher Corporation


G. R. RaghavenderLegal Era is an excellent Indian law magazine which is a unique guide to legal news, happenings, reviews on latest judgements and updates on legal policy initiatives including analysis and opinions of all stakeholders from all kinds of legal institutions. It’s a must read for all legal and business professionals and legal policymakers

G. R. Raghavender

Joint Secretary, Department of Justice, Ministry of Law & Justice, Government of India


Harish-DuaMany thanks for your email. It was a pleasure to be there Aakriti. Many Congratulations to you, Ashwini and the whole LegalEra Team for a very successful conference in trying circumstances. But you guys did a fantastic job and made it happen without any hitch. It is a pleasure to be associated with you. All the Best for the future! God bless. Corporate Governance: Recent Development: How To Become A ‘Next Generation’ Governance Organization Balancing Risks And Ethics In An Age Of Accountability And Transparency, How To Take Advantage Of Disruption & Know Your Risk.

Harish Dua

Advisor-Internal Audit, IASB (ICAI) and Adjunct Faculty, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs


UnknownLegal Era Magazine is a value read for lawyers across the board.

Jaiendra Gurtu

CEO, Millionaire Networking


Jayachandran-BLegal Era has decidedly established itself amongst the leading magazines on recent legal developments in the country. Its approach is professional and its perspectives are analytical and balanced. I find it topical, insightful and useful. My compliments to the Legal Era team on what they have achieved and I wish them all the success in future

Jayachandran B

CISA, CISM Technical Director, Esecurity Audit


Jitin-ParekhDiscussions started with the changes that have happened in the Anti-Money Laundering law in the last few years. Both in terms of compliance as well as enforcement of law. The in-depth discussions on how the insurance industry is dealing with the frequent changes in the law and its challenges with respect to verification of Know Your Customer (KYC) rules. We also discussed the evolving situation with respect to the COVID19 virus and preparedness to handle the crisis. The session concluded with practices that are followed in case of an investigation either internal or external. Also the role law firms can play in an investigation
Avoiding The Twirl: Managing Money Laundering And Other Financial Crime Crises, How To Keep The Compliances Check & Balances? What Steps To Be Taken To Change The Corrupt Corporate Culture To Combat Corruption. How To Deal With A Global Crisis - Large-Scale Bribery Issues, Money Laundering Or Tax Evasion Allegations.

Jitin Parekh

Head-Legal & Company Secretary, Aegon Life Insurance Company


K-S-SureshLegal Era has addressed the need of lawyers to remain informed on contemporary events in the various branches of law. The choice of topics, authors and the quality of discussions are of a very high order. The insightful analyses of important judicial decisions help us. The same holds true for the magazine’s critical appraisal of significant legislative and policy developments. I always enjoy the fascinating interviews with legal luminaries. Legal Era has filled a long existing void in the legal journalism space

K S Suresh

General Counsel, ITC Limited, India


Kanaiya-Liladher-ThakkerLegal Era GenNext Congress 2018, was a very well organised and executed event and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It witnessed some of the luminaries from our legal fraternity and provided a great platform for hearing them and gaining knowledge on various aspects of law and business, including from an international perspective.

Kanaiya Liladher Thakker

Head Legal, Ambuja Cements Ltd


UnknownLegal Era Magazine is a good blend of the latest information giving both Micro and Macro views. The selection of topics and Landmark Judgment analysis published every month gives a new perspective to the reader

Khyati Amlani

Corporate Counsel, BIC Cello (India) Private Limited


UnknownLegal Era has, over the past few years, established itself as the premier magazine for all things law. It has, on its own merit, made a niche for itself due to its high-quality content which is constantly evolving. There are multiple magazines now, but Legal Era still stands its ground at the top

Lavin Hirani

Head-Legal Affairs, Red Chillies Entertainment


Mathew-Sherratt-QC“I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend and participate in the 8th Annual GENNEXT 2019 Business and Law Conference. The Legal Era team put together an extremely well balanced program of topics and expert panels on a wide range of topics relevant to this rapidly expanding economy. I learned a great deal from the sessions I attended and the panels I sat on. My eyes were opened to many opportunities. I met many wonderful people and established connections which I hope to maintain in the future. Thank you Aakriti for the invitation”

Mathew Sherratt

Queens Counsel, Thomas More Chambers


Mini-RamanThe event provided a fantastic opportunity to exchange views with experts from different areas of the practice of law. The panellists had great expertise in their respective fields and had tremendous inputs to provide on the discussions held. Overall a brilliant event, it was organised very well and proceeded very efficiently.

Mini Raman

Partner, LexOrbis


Minni-Katariya“The event was very professionally organized by Legal Era team, Kudos to all the hard work of the team members that went into the preparation, execution and managing such a grand event. The topics of discussions were also very relevant and it was a good knowledge-sharing platform. Thanks for the innovative award thought for women lawyers. Indeed it was a proud moment for all the recipients”

Minni Katariya

Group Legal Counsel & Head of Secretarial, Hindustan Powerprojects Pvt Ltd


Na. VijayashankarLegal Era is a well-crafted and presented magazine that captures the current developments in legal and judicial circles along with views from those who matter. It is a highly useful periodical for legal professionals...Pleasing for the eyes and stimulating for the mind

Na. Vijayashankar

Managing Director, Ujvala Consultants Pvt. Ltd.


Navita-Chaubal“Legal Era is a unique magazine being led by very special minds. The reason I say this is that the stature of the events conducted by Legal Era stands very tall in comparison to any other event / magazine for legal fraternity. I attended this August gathering of Legal Luminaries and who’s who of legal world and could feel the legal brilliance around us that day who shared their pearls of wisdom from top notch law firms to Ex CJI to General Counsels of top organizations. The topics were very current and even more futuristic that made the event so relevant for all of us. This year, Aakriti Raizada, the brilliant mind and effort behind Legal Era introduced the Women in Law Category and further put Diversity in Law at Centerstage. Huge shout to Aakriti for her strategies and innovation of bringing global legal team together that is taking Legal Era to the next level each year. Can’t wait to attend this again next year”

Navita Chaubal

General Counsel - South Asia, Wipro GE Healthcare Pvt Ltd


Nirupam-SrivastavaGennext 2020 was a great opportunity to meet and deliberate with fellow GCs and other Counsels. The choice of topics was contemporary including areas such as Data Sovereignty, Force Majeure, E-commerce and M&A in Covid.

Nirupam Srivastava

Vice President, Hero Corporate Service Private Limite


Parveen-MahtaniThe GENNEXT 2020 organised by Legal Era covered relevant and current topics. The panel speakers had rich experience in various sectors providing interesting insights and analytical views.

Parveen Mahtani

Chief Legal Officer; Mahindra Lifespaces


R-S-SachdevaCongrats to Aakriti and the Legal Era Team, it was simply an amazing event and we all could meet many from the legal fraternity. The quality of the sessions and the speakers were simply impeccable. The session on Arbitration by MrDwarkadas and the issues discussed by other panelists were so much relevant. We wish Legal Era continues with this momentum and has many more successful events in the years to come.
Best wishes for future conclaves.
International Commercial Arbitration In India: Trends Ahead

R. S. Sachdeva

President (Group Legal), JK Organization


Rajeev ChopraThe content, quality and presentation of various items in the magazine is just apt and makes for wonderful reading. The navigation page is so much simpler and keeps the reader glued. Keep up the good work, Team Legal Era!

Rajeev Chopra

Managing Director - Legal Accenture


Rajesh-Narain-Gupta“The Legal Era event was quite well organized and well attended by professionals from India and overseas. The participation of senior lawyers and eminent judges was astounding and added inspirational color to the event. It is comparable to any international event in this space. I am glad that organizers in India have such capabilities and capacity. Please accept our hearty congratulations and best wishes for future”

Rajesh Narain Gupta

Managing Partner, SNG & Partners, Advocates & Solicitors


Rajiv-DuttaInvestor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) continues to be a controversial subject. Therefore, it is a topic of debate in countries looking forward to foreign investments and also where citizens are themselves involved in making investments abroad. Investor-State Arbitration gained major Divya Kumat traction in India after the Award passed against India in White Industries Australia Ltd. Vs. Republic of India. India has made a drastic shift in its stance on Investor-State Arbitration. Since the burden to qualify an investor under the new BIT regime in India is onerous. Clauses like Most Favoured Nation (MFN) fair and equitable treatments are conspicuously absent. Indian Courts are very conscious about BIT regime and recent judgment of the Delhi High Court in the case of Union of India Vs. Khaitan Holdings is an example where the Courts have refused to grant injunction against investment arbitration
Recent Trends in International Arbitration & Investment Arbitration in

Rajiv Dutta

Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India


Robert WyldThe Legal Era 9th Gennext Congress held on 6and 7 March 2020 in Mumbai was a magnificent event once again hosted by Legal Era. The sessions were extremely topical for business and lawyers. All panel sessions were very informative, with excellent speakers and encouraged great dialogue between speakers and the audience. The highlight for me was the plenary session on the role of Boards and Independent Directors in being truly independent and adding value to a company. And of course, the Bollywood sparkle of the Legal Era awards night topped off a great event.

Robert Wyld

Consultant, Johnson Winter & Slattery


Robin-BanerjeeThe governance practice in India is evolving and changing fast.
The Independent Directors’ self-monitored tests, compulsory inclusion of women directors and new Companies Act provisions, are welcome changes. Though some businesses are still sticking to their old practice of cutting corners. This is best avoided.Technology, ESG concerns and shareholder activism, are going to change a lot. Good governance will definitely lead to better financial returns and more goodwill.
The future looks to turn towards a better governed corporate India.
Corporate Governance: Recent Development: How To Become A ‘Next Generation’ Governance Organization Balancing Risks And Ethics In An Age Of Accountability And Transparency, How To Take Advantage Of Disruption & Know Your Risk.

Robin Banerjee

Managing Director, Caprihans India Ltd.


Sammet-GambhirGENNEXT organised by Legal Era was again a wonderful event. The practical tips and experiences shared by the panellist were of immense help. Legal Era is the best

Sameet Gambhir

Jt. VP (Corporate Law) & Company Secretary, DCM Shriram Ltd.


Sankalp JainThe Legal Era Magazine provides thought-provoking views on legal issues, emerging trends and inspiring stories of legal luminaries. It is a medium of meaningful engagement for lawyers, with insights on their thought process and professional journey

Sankalp Jain

Vice President, Legal, HDFC Life


UnknownA progressive magazine, Legal Era partners well with the current generation lawyers. Relevant, specific and informative, it captures recent developments involving the profession as well as the law with a degree of precision

Satish Kishanchandani

Co-Founding Partner, DSK Legal, Advocates & Solicitors


Shweta-Bharti“The GENNEXT is one event I wait to attend. The magnitude and scale is getting bigger every year. The sessions are well planned, the Speakers are all experts of their respective domains and what makes the event most alluring is the wider participation of the Delegates. The entire event is not only about the grandeur but also about the depth of detailing with which each session, speakers and the sub-topics are planned. I wish Legal Era and Aakriti Raizada & her team of extremely dedicated members all the very best for a bright future ahead. Keep up the good work”

Shweta Bharti

Senior Partner, Hammurabi & Solomon Partners


Sivarama-Krishna-PrakashOur panel on “Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence & Connecting Devices: What are the Ethical, Legal & Regulatory Challenges & What are the Reforms needed” had eminent and diverse speakers. Despite the awkward timing of the session – just before lunch, the hall was jam packed and we had a fantastic interactive session. AI & IOT are slowly gaining a foothold in our lives and have become business enablers in many areas. Hence the need to also simultaneously look into the ethical and legal challenges arising out of implementation of AI. The session was quite timely and will always be relevant.
Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence & Connecting Devices: What are the Ethical, Legal & Regulatory Challenges & What are the Reforms needed

Sivarama Krishna Prakash

Senior Corporate Counsel, Cisco Systems India Pvt Ltd


Sudha-HoodaI congratulate Legal era team for organizing a fantastic conference with very relevant topics selected across sectors and a great opportunity to interact with and hear from the top legal professionals!

Sudha Hooda

General Counsel, India and Board Member, Nvidia Graphics Pvt Ltd


UnknownLegal Era contents and various articles contributed by authors from various jurisdictions is very informative. Especially, the magazine focuses on the latest developments in the global market with regard to doing business in India and also highlights recent legal developments in the region and the globe. As one of the contributors, to the issue, we are very happy to contribute to the legal aspect from the ASEAN perspective. We do look forward to contributing in future if more opportunities arise

Sujeet S. Karkala

Legal Advisor, Sciaroni & Associates Law office


UnknownThe event was conducted in a professional and smooth manner with clear directions as to manoeuvrability of the site. Good Work!

Venkat Satyanarayana

Partner, Link Legal India Law Services


Vijay-PurohitI had the occasion to attend Legal Era’s GENNEXT 2020 and moderate a session as well. Amidst the ongoing pandemic, this was a great initiative by Legal Era to get some of the best people from the legal industry together, and discuss some of the most burning issues. We wish all the best to Legal Era for all such future endeavors.

Vijay Purohit

Associate Partner, P & A Law Offices


Vikas-ChadhaLegal Era helps me get a synopsis on all major developments around the corporate world. It gives insights on major tax laws and amendments. I enjoy reading the leader speak section and the interview of Mr Amarjit Singh was quite insightful and motivational. I like the section on view points and also on deconstruction of various judgments which has helped me immensely while working with legal firms both in India and internationally. The magazine comes out as a magazine of professionals, by professionals, and for professionals. My best wishes to the entire team and look forward to all your future publications

Vikas Chadha

Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, Berggruen Hotels Pvt Ltd


UnknownAccording to me “Legal Era Magazine” is one of the most trustworthy, reputed and content-rich magazines for the Legal Fraternity. It serves the readers’ appetite with well-researched and lucidly-drafted articles on relevant issues. For anyone who wants to know the current developments in the legal field, Legal Era is the best companion and guide

Vikramsinh Yadav

Senior Legal Counsel, Siemens Ltd.


Vinod-Kumar-BhaskaranThe event went well. It was a joy to discuss the topic with the other panel members.
Thanks for organising, and wishing everyone the best.

Vinod Kumar Bhaskaran

Legal Head, Strides Pharma Science Limited


Zameer-Nathani"GENNEXT 2020 had legacy of Legal Era that surrounds it with great speakers, great content on legal, compliance and management, and also a perspective on an overall expectations from General Counsel, who is now looked upon by a company as not only a caretaker of the legal affairs of the company, but also a management and Board advisor. As the role of General Counsel is evolving, many companies are inviting General Counsels of the Company to even become Board of Director of the Company given the legal, risk management, crisis management, compliance and governance knowledge and experience."

Zameer Nathani

Senior Vice President and General Counsel, UFO Moviez India Limited




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